Innovating Genetic Sequencing For Research And Healthcare

About Wasatch BioLabs

Wasatch BioLabs stands at the forefront of a paradigm shift in healthcare diagnostics. We harness cutting-edge genetic technologies to enhance the efficacy and efficiency of disease detection from early-stage research to clinical population health.

As a certified partner for Oxford Nanopore’s sequencing platform and innovator of a novel targeted sequencing technology, Wasatch BioLabs is redefining the limits of NGS and epigenetics.


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Oxford Nanopore Technology

Real-time analysis of native DNA & RNA, regardless of their length. With ONT technology, we can identify copy number, structural variations, single nucleotide polymorphisms, INDEL variants, and base modifications in a single run.

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Targeted Sequencing Technology

Targeted sequencing of thousands of regions with high accuracy, depth, and enrichment. Paired with Oxford Nanopore Technology, we can collect sequence data and detect methylation and hydroxymethylation base modifications in a single run. We are constantly innovating new use cases.

Lab Services

Lab equipment

Research Services

We offer a suite of Oxford Nanopore assay-based sequencing services and custom solutions to help academic and industry researchers reach their goals:

  • Targeted DNA Methylation
  • Whole Genome
  • PCR cDNA
  • Direct RNA
  • PCR Amplicon
  • Custom Research Services
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Clinical Lab Services

Develop a targeted sequencing panel or convert your assay to the Oxford Nanopore Technologies platform to improve diagnostic accuracy, reduce turnaround times, and lower overall processing costs.

  • R&D For New Assay Development
  • Convert Existing Assay To Oxford Nanopore Technologies Platform
  • CLIA Submissions
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The Wasatch BioLabs Customer Experience

At Wasatch BioLabs, we believe in not only providing our clients with cutting-edge technology, but in delivering a customer experience that consistently goes above and beyond.

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