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Wasatch BioLabs offers multiple sequencing options, with a process designed by researchers for researchers. At Wasatch BioLabs, we understand that accuracy, transparency, speed, & cost effectiveness are key. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Services Include:

  • Targeted DNA Methylation Sequencing
  • Whole Genome Sequencing
  • PCR Amplicon Sequencing
  • Direct RNA Sequencing
  • PCR cDNA Sequencing

What to Expect

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Upfront Pricing, No Surprises
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Stay Informed at Every Step
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Results Within 7 Days*

*Results within 7 days of receiving samples for standard assays. For any experimental sample processing, please contact support@wasatchbiolabs.com to evaluate your project needs and receive custom timelines for work.

Ordering Made Simple

Order your tests directly through the Wasatch BioLabs portal.

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For custom needs, contact: support@wasatchbiolabs.com

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Be Informed Every Step of the Way

Our In-House, Proprietary LIMS is designed for visibility and accessibility:

  • Access the status of your samples at any time through your WBL portal.
  • Enable email notifications to stay informed as your sample(s) progress through each stage.
  • Built-in QC steps by a QC director integrated into the process to maintain sequencing integrity.

  • If low throughput impacts data integrity, the process is paused and the sample is rerun.
  • View and download diagnostic reports/analytics directly in your portal.

No surprises. Full transparency.

Automated Bioinformatics Pipeline For Quick Data Access

Proprietary, in-house bioinformatic pipelines are curated for each type of test that allow us to provide you enhanced data reports and industry-leading turnaround times. Results are accessible within your WBL portal in .FASTQ formats with qC reports.

WBL LIMS takes raw sequencing data and processes experiments on a sample-to-sample basis in near-real-time.
Proprietary bioinformatic pipelines are curated for each new type of test. These pipelines use machine learning and bioinformatic algorithms to provide novel data and insights.
Because everything is processed in-house, we track and control the data from data genesis to data upload.
We are always looking at new ways to view and process NGS data and have developed ways to view DNA methylation, determine cell-of-origin, and detect complex diseases.
Data Publication
Our LIMS can organize data according to specific experiments, projects, and samples, making it easier to track and retrieve information. Data is available in raw format or bioinformatic reports.
Our LIMS API stack is designed to integrate WBL laboratory systems, bioinformatics tools, and databases, enhancing the overall efficiency of the lab. API stack allows data exchange with 3rd party platforms.
Process Integration
Integrating our LIMS with Nanopore instruments and bioinformatics tools streamlines the entire workflow, from sample preparation to data analysis.

Download a custom report here.

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