Wasatch BioLabs' Technology

Wasatch BioLabs is an R&D and Oxford Nanopore Technologies certified laboratory that specializes in high-throughput sequencing and methylation analysis. We are an innovative R&D lab that leverages Nanopore and other cutting-edge technologies to offer a full range of sequencing services to researchers and clinlicians at unmatched speed, cost, and accuracy.

Oxford Nanopore Technologies provides a unique capability—real-time analysis of native DNA and RNA, regardless of their length. Using Nanopore-developed protocols and kits, we can identify copy number, structural variations, single nucleotide polymorphisms, INDEL variants, as well as methylation and hydroxymethylation base modifications in a single run. Our combined technologies, partnerships, and services allow us to deliver high-quality data, enhanced reports, and industry-leading turnaround times.

About Oxford Nanopore Technology

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All Oxford Nanopore sequencing devices use flow cells which contain an array of tiny protein channels—nanopores—embedded in an electro-resistant membrane. Each nanopore is linked to its own sensor, which measures the electric current that flows through the nanopore. When DNA or RNA nucleotides pass through a nanopore, the current is disrupted to produce a characteristic ‘squiggle’. The squiggle is then decoded using advanced AI basecalling algorithms to determine the DNA or RNA sequence in real time.

The Nanopore Advantage

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The Power of Long Reads

Traditional NGS methods sequence short lengths of DNA, which require reassembly and make it difficult to sequence GC-rich, repetitive, and duplicated regions, resolve large structural variations, and differentiate between isoforms.

Nanopore sequencing is only limited by the length of the DNA/RNA fragment presented to the pore and can therefore span entire repetitive regions, resolve structural variants, and differentiate between different isoforms and paralogs. The ability to sequence native DNA and RNA without amplification eliminates PCR bias, enabling accurate identification of copy-number variants and base modifications, such as methylations, alongside the nucleotide sequence.

Use Cases

Nanopore applications are broad, and are highly accurate for both targeted and broad sequencing analyses:

  • Larger genomes or projects
  • Population-scale sequencing
  • Highly multiplexed small genomes or targeted regions
  • Whole transcriptomes (direct RNA or cDNA)


  • Ultra long read lengths (>4 MB)
  • PCR-free
  • Up to 30% more cost-effective than NGS sequencing due to fewer required amplifications
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Wasatch BioLabs’ Innovative Targeted Sequencing Technology

Wasatch BioLabs has exclusive access to a technology that enables targeted sequencing at up to 2,000 regions of interest, enrichment of 400-2300x, and depth that can be scaled according to researchers' needs. This technology has opened the floodgates for other targeted applications of Oxford Nanopore sequencing and has led to the release of our Targeted DNA Methylation Sequencing Service.

Nanopore technology enables native strand sequencing, which preserves DNA and RNA modifications. We currently offer services that detect DNA methylation (5mC) and hydroxymethylation (5hmC). Oxford Nanopore Technologies is continuously updating the DNA and RNA modifications their technology can detect. We plan on making these additional modifications available for detection in future updates.

Our targeted sequencing services are currently being leveraged in diagnostic screenings for fertility, neurodegenerative disease, cancer, women’s health, autoimmune disease, forensics, and more. If you’re interested in using this technology for your own clinical diagnostic test, contact us to learn more.

Our Targeted Methylation Assay

In addition to  Nanopore’s standard features, we’ve developed a proprietary targeted-sequencing service that provides high-resolution data on native DNA sequence and methylation signatures. Our targeted approach allows researchers to simultaneously analyze copy-number, single nucleotide and small INDEL variants, and methylation status across hundreds to thousands of loci relevant to their research needs.

  • No Chemical DNA Treatments (e.g. bisulfite)
  • No PCR bias
  • Reduced batch effects
Person in a lab coat and gloves using a centrifuge.

Our Data Management & Bioinformatics Solution

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Each of Wasatch BioLabs' services use proprietary bioinformatic pipelines to give you the data you need when you need it.

Processing: WBL LIMS processes raw sequencing data on a sample-to-sample basis in near real-time.

Bioinformatics: Proprietary, in-house bioinformatic pipelines are curated for each new service we provide. These pipelines use cutting-edge machine learning and bioinformatic algorithms to provide sequencing data and novel insights.

Innovative Technology:
A Refreshing Process

Wasatch BioLabs strives to provide researchers with the most accurate, cost effective DNA & RNA sequencing tools available.

Wasatch BioLabs takes a refreshing approach focused on transparency, speed, and cost, designed by researchers for researchers. You can submit orders directly through our website without working through a sales rep or going through endless quotes and approvals. Simply use our ordering wizard to order, print, and ship.